Set up Custom Bezel or Shank Design on Class Ring


Your school or organization can use this order form to pay the cost of setting up a ring with your school name on it.

  • This is a one-time charge to create the die used on rings for your school.

  • Once created, we keep the die on file for your future orders, and students may use it by selecting the option for "Custom Bezel which was paid for previously" and providing the school name.

  • We also offer the option of a custom shank design (side design) for your school's use. Artwork may be uploaded below. See the order form for information about appropriate image types. Once established, the student may select the option on the order form for a custom shank and there is no charge.


  • Keep in mind that smaller rings are restricted to 19 characters on the bezel (spaces do not count).

  • If your school name is long, you may set up two different bezels for the same price; one for larger rings (max. 23) and one for smaller rings (max 19). There is no additional charge to have a separate bezel text for the smaller rings. See the order form for details.
  • Once you've filled out this order form, you'll get a proof of your custom ring design(s) in about a week. We will need your approval on the proofs before rings can be ordered.
The bezel is split into an upper and lower half. Tell us where to divide the text. See the (?) for more details
See the (?) for important details
Max. upload size 1 MB