Signature Line Titles


Because you are issuing the diploma, you will sign it. The "Signature Line Titles" option is for the titles that are placed under the lines. On a High School Diploma, the administrator normally signs above the line, and their title is placed under the line.


We offer a variety of options, including the choice to have the lines printed without any titles beneath them.


If you are the only person signing the diploma, you may wish to write the date that you sign it on one side; this simply makes it look more balanced.



Making Changes to Your Diploma

There is no charge to make one change to the wording or signature line titles of a Personalized, Gilded or Exclusive Diploma as long as it does not change the layout. Submit your order, and then follow the directions below for a wording change. There is no charge to change the signature line titles. Changing both signature line titles is considered one change.

We have a special page for wording changes. It allows you to give us your changes in a format from which we can copy and paste. Here is how it works:

  • The final screen you see when you check out is your receipt. The receipt page has a link at the top of the page called "Make changes to the Text of your Diploma."

  • Use this link to go to our special on-line form and give us your order number and the details of your wording change. (If you miss it during the checkout process, the link is here.)

  • Please let us know about changes as quickly as possible. Changes must be submitted within 2 hours of the time your order is placed.

  • If we have questions, we will call or e-mail you immediately.

Occasionally we are asked about adding signature lines so that there are more than two. We cannot increase the number of signature lines without completely re-doing the layout of the diploma, which would incur a charge.