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 Homeschool Graduation

9 Tips for Using Social Media for Homeschool Graduation Invitations and Announcements

Using social media to broadcast your teen’s homeschool graduation makes life easier, but it also involves a few extra considerations to make sure you are being both polite and efficient.

It is increasingly common to issue some homeschool graduation announcements and party invitations by social media and others through the mail. If you’re planning on sending some of your announcements through social media, here are few tips to consider.

1. Don’t Send to Everyone

Your list of friends on social media includes many people who don’t know your graduating teen, are merely acquaintances, or live far away. Don’t send out a mass invitation or announcement to everyone you’ve friended over the years. Share the announcement only with family and friends who know your graduating teen and have an interest in his or her big day.

2. Check with Your Teenager First

Likely you and your teenager will both be sending out invitations or announcements as your friend lists will be very different despite the overlap with extended family. Sit down with your teenager to discuss who will be inviting whom so you don’t miss someone your teen wishes to be present. Also be careful that you and your teenager don’t both invite the same person. There’s no reason to flood extended family with multiple invitations.

3. Include a Picture

As you compose your event on social media and send out the announcement, include a graduation picture of your teenager. One in the cap and gown always looks marvelous on the invitation and makes the invitations more personable. Your guests will know at a glance that they are being invited to a graduation party when they see that traditional cap and gown.

4. Not Everyone Is on Social Media

Keep in mind that not everyone uses social media on a regular basis. Often older family members such as grandparents haven’t joined social media at all. There are usually a few friends who avoid it as well. Purchase some invitations or announcements to mail to family and friends who are not on social media. They’ll appreciate the gesture. You'll also be glad to have some nice printed cards to save as keepsakes for yourself, your graduate, and for grandparents.

Because not everyone uses social media, you still need to send some traditional, printed announcements.

5. Consider Dividing Invitations

Since not everyone is on social media, many families have found it a good practice to divide the invitation or announcement list into two parts. One section receives a traditional announcement while the other receives an invitation through social media.

Another approach divides the list by age since many adults are either not on social media or rarely check it. Send a traditional announcement to family and your friends. Encourage your teenager to invite friends through social media since many teenagers are used to using social media to keep in contact with friends.

6. Include Way to Respond

Include a method for family and friends to respond to your announcement or invitation beyond just clicking on the accept button. An address and phone number is a great idea so people can contact you for more information about the graduation. They may wish to ask for maps or advice for acceptable graduation gifts for instance. Make it easy for everyone to contact you.

7. Double Check Announcements

Don’t just send out the announcements as soon as you have written them. Compose the announcement and think about it for a day. Proofread one final time before sharing. You may find you’ve forgotten something important such as the date, time, or contact information.

8. Time Frame for Invitations

The time frame for sending social media invitations is similar to sending them through snail mail. You’ll want invitations to go out 3 to 4 weeks before the actual graduation ceremony. People need time to plan transportation. They might need a hotel room or other accommodations. Give everyone time to make the necessary arrangements to attend your child’s graduation.

9. Time Frame for Announcements

Announcements don’t need to go out before the graduation ceremony, although you may wish to do so. Usually the announcements are sent two weeks before the ceremony. They may also be sent up to four weeks after the ceremony. Decide which time period would be easiest for your family and make the arrangements.

Social media can be a wonderful way to invite family and friends to your child’s high school graduation ceremony. Just keep in mind that not everyone uses social media and that you’ll need to plan to send traditional announcements as well as a social media invitation.

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