A ring with all-over bling helps you make your fashion statement. White cubic zirconia frame the center stone and line the band on each side.

  • Shown here with the January birthstone in the center.
  • Limit for personalization is 6 characters on each side.
  • The ring is recommended for sizes 4 - 9. Personalization is done in the letter style shown.
  • When determining what part of the ring is the "upper," "lower," "left," or "right," keep in mind that these are oriented toward YOU as you are wearing the ring with the personalization facing you.

  • Black onyx is available on this ring, but not in the 'sunray' cut.

  • Star blue sapphire is available, but only in the 'smooth' cut

  • Quad color stone and the orange sapphire stone are available on this ring in all cuts.


We have the best Class Ring warranty you will find anywhere - with no added charge!

The warranty covers resizing, re-antiquing, and replacement or repair of the stone due to normal wear. It also provides a remade ring if graduation year changes.

See this page for details!



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Jan - Garnet Feb - Amethyst
Maximum Characters: 6
Maximum Characters: 6
There is no additional charge for engraving inside the ring.
There is no additional charge for engraving!
This item requires 10-12 weeks for production. This does not include shipping time. Please check to verify thay you understand the time frame.
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