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8 Ideas for Storing the High School Diploma

The high school diploma deserves a place of honor where it can be located in case it is needed as documentation. There are many options for storage from displaying it openly in your home to safely packing it away, safe from the elements.

The high school graduation ceremony is over. Congratulations! You have earned your high school diploma. What do you do with it now? First and foremost, don’t get rid of the homeschool diploma. Some jobs require you to produce the diploma as proof of graduation.

It’s also common for jobs in other countries to require documentation of certification and graduations. Since the diploma may be needed in the future, you need to store the diploma somewhere safe. The diploma is also a symbol of all the hard work and effort you have put in over the years. You’ve worked hard for it, so it shouldn’t be tossed just anywhere.

Here are eight wonderful ideas for storing your high school diploma in a manner respecting the time and effort you have put into earning it. Plus, each method makes it easy to find your homeschool diploma should you need it.

Use a Memory Box

Memory boxes are a great way to store your high school memorabilia and diploma. Go by a store and pick up a small storage box. This box can be made from plastic or cardboard. A plastic container may protect the items better, but a cardboard box can be decorated.

Store your high school diploma, cap, gown, and tassel in the box. Also include any other memorabilia you wish to keep from the high school years such as awards, medals, programs, and pictures you’ve picked up over the years.

Our diplomas come in a moisture-proof, resealable, clear plastic bag to protect the cover and diploma from dust and moisture. You can place the entire thing into your memory box and trust that your important document is safely protected.

Insert it into a Yearbook

Some homeschool groups produce yearbooks of projects and events the group enjoyed over the year. Yearbooks give children a place to leave messages to each other. They’re also a great way to exchange photos and memories.

If your group hands out yearbooks, insert a page protector at the back yours. It’s a marvelous place to keep your high school diploma. You’ll have one spot for all your memories from your senior year of high school.

Keep a Portfolio

Create a portfolio by finding a slender three-ring binder you like and inserting page protectors into it. The three-ring binder will be a wonderful place to store all the certificates and awards you’ve earned and will earn over the years.

Also put letters of recommendation into the portfolio as well as your high school diploma, certificates, and awards. But don’t fill it up yet. Leave room for future awards, diplomas, and certificates.

As you look for jobs and opportunities over the years, all the information you need will be available in your portfolio.

Hang the Diploma on the Wall

Some families have a tradition of hanging certificates, diplomas, and awards on the walls of the house along with the family photos. If your family is similar, frame the diploma and hang it proudly on your walls.

Sometimes these awards are prominently placed in the living room. Also consider placing them over the stairs, in guest rooms, home offices, in storage rooms, or even in the dining room. Be proud of your accomplishments. You’ve worked hard for them.

Keep a Child’s Shelf

Some parents keep a permanent shelf for each child in the family. The shelf holds childhood trinkets, awards, pictures, certificates, and the high school diploma. It’s a shelf of childhood memories. This shelf is a wonderful place to store the high school diploma. Should you need it in the future, it will be easy to find.

File It 

Do you have a file of important papers in your house? Put your high school diploma there. You’ll be able to easily access it when you need it. I found my diplomas don’t fit into a regular file folder because of the protective covers. However, I store them carefully at the bottom of the filing cabinet (instead of standing up). They’re easily available whenever I need them or simply wish to admire them.

Here at Homeschool Diploma, we offer the option of an archive copy with every diploma we sell. The archive copy is a second copy, identical in every way to the diploma but without the cover. Instead of having a cover, the archive copy comes in an acid-free, glassine envelope.

The advantage of an archive copy is that you can give your graduate his diploma to put in a yearbook or in a memory box, for example, while you still have an official copy that can be used if the teen can't locate his. Having a back up prevents the desperate scenario of calling Homeschool Diploma the day before the graduate’s job interview to get a copy of the lost diploma.  Yes, we can make copies of anything we have sold in the past five years, but we know how stressful this is for the parent, and it usually involves rush production and overnight shipping. It's much better to get the extra copy at the time the diploma is purchased!

Store in a Safety Deposit Box

Diplomas are important documents, but we don’t need daily access to them. Many people keep their diplomas in safety deposit boxes where you never need to worry about floods or fires. The diplomas are safely stored at the bank. The biggest downside to this option is that the high school diploma isn’t easily accessible should you need it.

Scan Digital Copies

Scanning a copy into your computer is an excellent method of storing your diploma, particularly in combination with keeping the physical copy in the safety deposit box. You’ll have easy access to the diploma, and the original will also be safely stored away from danger of natural disaster.

There are many wonderful methods of storing the homeschool diploma after graduation. Take some time to think how you would prefer to store your high school diploma as well as the awards and trinkets from high school. These memories will be precious in years to come.

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