Artwork Submission Form

Use this form to upload artwork for custom diploma covers. We'll let you know if will need revision, or can be used as it is. Our graphic artist normally can do the necessary revision -  there may be a small charge for this service.

Specifications for die artwork:


  • The image should be black and white only. (The black part of your image will form the foil-stamped areas in the final design.)
  • Again, the image must be black and white only. This means that is should not have areas of color and should not have shades of grey.
  • The ideal format is vector art in a .pdf format, but if not vector, it should be at least 300 dots (pixels) per inch (For example, a logo with a finished size of 3" wide would have to be at least 900 pixels wide.) If you are submitting an illustrator or photoshop file, please save for CS5.