Tips for Ordering Graduation Announcements



  • When should you order announcements? We suggest that you order three to four weeks ahead of the date you plan to send them out. This will allow you enough time to address the inner and outer envelopes, and it also give you a "grace period" so that if something happens to go wrong with the order, you can still get them out on time without sweating over it! For more information about when to send the announcements and how to address the envelopes, see our etiquette guide.

  • To whom should you send Graduation Announcements? If you are sending an invitation to a ceremony or celebration, don't limit your list to those that are close enough to come. Family and friends who are far away appreciate being remembered. Your Christmas card list is a good place to start -- cross off non-family members that you no longer have contact with beyond the Christmas card, and then add in those people that have been important to your student's education. Don't forget music teachers, coaches, and special friends. If you are unable to actually "invite" everyone that you'd like to announce the graduation to, you may use "announcement" wording on the card and include an insert card or celebration card just for those that are being invited.

  • Don't forget to order a few to keep! Graduation announcements make a nice keepsake for grandparents, parents, and the students themselves. We offer announcement covers, and we also sell a portfolio that holds a photo, an announcement, and a name card. Make sure you order enough so that you have a few for yourself!

  • Round up to avoid the expense of reprinting. Every year we have customers who call and say they absolutely MUST HAVE three more cards. Unfortunately, the cost of re-printing even the minimum quantity is very high compared to what it would have been to order extras on the first printing. We suggest that you "round up" to the next quantity when you order. There always seem to be people whose names don't get on the list until after you've ordered and begun addressing envelopes.

  • Thank you notes are not just for gifts. Your student will certainly want to send thank you notes to those who give a gift, but don't forget that they should also thank those who have played an important part in their education. A faithful Sunday school teacher or pastor, a music or dance teacher, a coach, even a special librarian -- a handwritten note of thanks will be an encouragement to them -- not for a gift, but for their investment of time and caring. It is helpful to have the thank you notes in advance of the graduation so that gifts can be acknowledged as they arrive.

  • Use Name Cards to keep in touch. If the graduate will be leaving home for college, they can use their extra name cards to keep in touch with acquaintances by putting a return address label on the back of the name card and writing their e-mail address and cell phone number below it.