Laminated Wallet Diploma


Note: We offer the Wallet Diplomas only to those who are purchasing the larger diploma from us. It is an "Option" on all diploma and package order forms.

Carry Your Diploma With You!  The laminated Wallet Diploma is a heavy, "driver's license" weight card

  • This diploma uses the text of our Standard Diploma,  and we use the cream-colored paper for legibility.

  • We will use the school name, student name, date, and signature line titles from the larger diploma on your order.

  • You will provide the names that will be "signed" on each signature line. We will add this information before the card is laminated, using "handwriting" fonts.

  • Your wallet will have a printed version of the seal you've chosen for your larger diploma.

  • We're sorry, but the text and signature lines on wallet diplomas cannot be changed. If you make changes to your larger diploma, those changes do not apply to the wallet diploma.



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When Will My Order Ship?

This product will be ready to ship:
  • 3rd business day (not including today)
  • However, if you have other items on your order, the date we send it out is determined by the item that takes the longest. See the (?) directly above for more detailed information.

Return Information

This item may not be returned:
  • No refunds are given on "made-to-order" items such as this.
  • We guarantee that this item will be produced according to the information provided on the order. If we make an error, we will replace it immediately.
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