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Who May Purchase a Diploma?


Cornerstone Graduate Supply, Inc. (DBA Homeschool Diploma) is not a school or an accrediting agency and does not "issue" diplomas, carry out any testing, or verify the information on the diplomas, but provides printing and graphic arts service to school administrators who wish to issue a diploma. The school provides the signature(s). All claims made on the diploma are the responsibility of the customer.

Cornerstone Graduate Supply (DBA Homeschool Diploma) does not sell diplomas directly to students, nor do we sell "replacement," "novelty" or "honorary" diplomas. We sell diplomas only to those who have the authority to issue them, which includes administrators of established schools, including parents in compliance with the statutes regarding home schooling in their state.

We reserve the right to refuse to do business with those whom we believe are attempting to purchase a diploma for the purpose of deceit.