Naming Your Home School

Have you ever thought about a name for your family’s homeschool? If not, no worries! Many parents draw a blank when asked the name of their school. Your homeschool IS a school, so you have every right to name it! It’s an opportunity to express the ideas, values and goals that have inspired your homeschooling journey. Here are some ideas to get your started!

1. Use Your Family Name

The easiest name may just be your last name, plus “School”, “Academy”, etc. This is a simple approach that communicates with clarity. Here are some examples:
  • Johnson Home School
  • Smith Family Academy
  • Thompson Classical Day School

2. Include a Nearby Landmark, Natural Feature or Road Name

No matter where you live, you’re sure to find something nearby that can lend itself to a beautiful school name. For example:
  • Rocky Harbor Christian School
  • Walnut Grove Home School
  • Parkview Drive Academy

3. Memorialize or Honor an Influential Person

Consider naming your school after a grandparent, mentor or even an admirable historical (or contemporary) figure.
  • J William Preston High School
  • C.S. Lewis Preparatory Academy
  • St. John Family Homeschool

4. Get Creative!

As a homeschooler, you’ve already chosen to chart your own course – don’t be afraid to get creative with your school name as well! We’ve seen many creative names over the years, and there is no “wrong answer”. Even if you anticipate your child’s diploma being part of a hiring or college admission decision, you can still express your unique values and history through your homeschool name.

Other Guidelines

DON’T Use Your Curriculum or Support Group’s Name!

This is a common mistake – using the name of a curriculum (“Abeka Academy”, “Time 4 Learning”, etc.) or a support group (“Classical Conversations”, “Texas Home School Coalition”, etc.). While these organizations may have played an important role in your homeschool journey, your homeschool is unique and deserves its own name. And when it comes to a diploma, it is your homeschool that is issuing the document, and therefore your homeschool’s name should be used.

DON’T Use Your Local High School’s Name!

Even if your homeschooler took several classes with your local school district, their diploma is still being issued by your homeschool and should therefore include your homeschool’s unique name. Using the name of a brick-and-mortar school throws up red flags in our system because it looks like you’re trying to order a “fake” diploma.

Home School vs. Homeschool

Both “Home School” and “Homeschool” are correct and legitimate options. Some families prefer to use “Academy”, “High School”, “Institute”, etc. to sound more official, but “Home School”, “Home Academy”, “Family School”, etc. are all viable options.

On the Diploma, Avoid Abbreviations

If at all possible, your school’s full name, without abbreviations, should be spelled out in full on the diploma. This is true even if your school name intentionally includes an acronym. If you do choose to use an acronym, consider using the city/state line (which is printed directly under the school name) to clarify what the acronym stands for.
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