Replacement Diploma


  • It's a reprint of a diploma you originally ordered from us. We recreate the original document, without the padded diploma cover.

    Sorry, we don't sell replacement diplomas to the general public - only to previous customers. If your original diploma didn't come from us, we recommend contacting your school for a replacement.

    Help us find your original order. If you don't know your order number, enter any info that you think will help - billing name, approximate date ordered, etc.

    Hand Calligraphy and 23kt Gold

    We don't normally add hand calligraphy or 23kt gold to replacement diplomas. If your original diploma had either of these options and you DO want them on the replacement, please let us know in the comments when you're checking out. There is an additional charge for these options.

    Do You Need to Make any Changes?

    We can make minor adjustments to the reprinted diploma (for example, if you chose the wrong date or misspelled your graduate's name).

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with a CC Certificate of Completion

Honor your child’s achievement with a beautiful, custom certificate – available for Foundations, Essentials, and Challenge A-IV.