Personalized High School Diploma for Homeschools


Personalized High School Diploma for Homeschools

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Includes a Padded Cover of Your Choice. Read more…
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    Oops! It looks like you've entered the name of your curriculum, support group, or school. The school name on your diploma should be unique to your homeschool. Check out our article, Naming Your Home School, for more info.

    To change the graduation date, edit your custom text in the "Wording" section below.

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    Select a Center Seal

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    Select a Diploma Paper

    Hand Calligraphy for Your Student's Name

    An artisan touch that reinforces the handcrafted quality of the diploma!

    Add an artisan touch with Hand Calligraphy for your graduate's name

    Hand Calligraphy for Student Name

    23kt Gold Illumination

    Developed in Medieval times, Gilding is an art that requires specialized tools and a steady hand. We apply 23.5 karat gold by hand to the first letter of your school name.

    Gilded School Name
    City & State or Motto
    Diploma Wording

    Wording Details:

    Wording Detail

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    {Student Name}

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    Signature Titles

    Select a Color for the Diploma Cover

    Select a Foil-Stamped Design

    Diploma and Cover Size

    Add Your Graduate's Name

    Complete the personal touch! We foil-stamp your graduate's name in the lower right corner of the diploma cover.

    *Personalize with Graduate's Name

    Optional Wallet Diploma

    Optional PDF Copy

    Optional Archive Copy

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Express Your Unique Journey

A remarkable education deserves a distinguished finish. From tailored wording to professional engraving and a handcrafted cover, the Personalized High School Diploma for Homeschools is an official document that elevates your graduate.

  • Includes a deluxe padded cover (choose from over 120 styles)
  • An official High School Diploma accepted by colleges, military, and employers
  • Reflects your values with hundreds of design and wording options
  • Choose a Bible verse or quote from our 70+ suggestions, or enter your own
  • Add an artisan touch with hand calligraphy or 23kt gilding
  • Optional wallet-sized diploma, archive copy and digital PDF version
Diploma Options
Basic Info

  • Student Name
  • High School Name
  • Graduation Date

Visual Elements

  • Seal
  • Honors Seal
  • Paper Type
  • 23kt Gilding
  • Hand Calligraphy

Wording Options

  • City and State or Motto
  • Diploma Verbiage
  • Verse/Motto
  • Signature Titles
Cover/Folder Options
  • Size (8.5×11 or 6×8)
  • Color (Black, Navy, Royal, Green, Red, Maroon or Purple)
  • Foil-Stamped front Design (9 options including personalization)
  • Personalize with Graduate’s name
Add-On Options
  • Wallet Diploma – a credit-card-sized version of the main document
  • Archive Copy – a duplicate document for long-term storage
  • PDF Copy – a digital version for quick reference

What Makes A High School Diploma Valid for Homeschoolers?

A diploma should include the name of the school, the name of the graduate, and the date presented. It should also specify that the student has met the requirements to receive the diploma. Lastly, it needs to be signed by the administrator(s) of the school – the signatures authenticate the claims made on the diploma.

But a diploma can be so much more than a simple acknowledgment! You’ve invested so much time, energy, and heart into homeschooling your child, and they in turn have invested countless hours of effort and learning. The High School diploma represents that investment, and reflects the individuality of your student and the unique values of your family! That’s why we’ve developed so many design and wording choices for the diploma – we believe it should be an official document as unique as your fingerprint.


801 reviews
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801 reviews for Personalized High School Diploma for Homeschools

  1. Julie
    Very pleased
    Very easy to personalize and design. I am very pleased with the diploma and the cover. The lining is even satin on the inside!
    Beautiful Diplomas
    I have used them for my 4 kid's high school diplomas and never been disappointed. I liked having the different options to choose from to create them. My kids have beautiful diplomas that were delivered very quickly. I highly recommend this company. You won't be disappointed.
  3. Sharon
    Great service and so well done
    I was looking for a template to make a highschool diploma, and when I found this one it was exactly what I was looking for. I was so pleased that covers were available too. When it arrived one corner was damaged, so I sent a note saying something to protect the corners would protect it in shipping in their future orders, not expecting a replacement, but another cover was sent by 2-day UPS air packed better in a box. So appreciate that! Thumbs up to a great company with quality work and customer service!
  4. Elizabeth L
    I'm so impressed with your customer service and your amazing product!! Our son's diploma arrived quickly and it is as professionally done as my college diploma! Thank you!!!!
  5. MB
    Wonderful Company
    I have ordered all diplomas through this company, and they have been perfect every time! They are fast and reliable. Thank you for your wonderful work and personal attention you have given us over the years!
  6. Joshua McIntyre
    Follow up from previous review, excellent personal service
    I previously left a review in which I pointed out a couple of things for future customers to look for when placing their orders, but noted that overall the product was still very good. In a time when companies are more often computers than they are people, this company stands out as one which still upholds the values of excellent work and care for their customer. I received a personal follow-up call to review the details I had mentioned, and they chose to send me an updated diploma to match those details, which I received and found precisely as described. These companies of real people are harder to find, and their quality of work is worth supporting. A personal thank you goes out to all who helped us, and we hope you the best and will return for future business as needed.
  7. KG
    New cover is in better shape
    The company contacted me and included a new cover for no extra cost with my diploma replacement order. This time the cover arrived in better shape. Thank you!
  8. Mr. T
    Great detail to make a homeschool graduation special!
    The diploma added a special touch to the graduation ceremony. It’s high quality details are exceptional. And the write up gives a personalized touch to the student.
  9. KG
    Damaged cover
    The cover arrived with crushed edges especially the corners of the fold. The packaging could be better to protect it during shipping. --------------RESPONSE FROM HOMESCHOOLDIPLOMA.COM:---------------------------- KG, thank you for letting us know about this issue and I apologize for the trouble. We absolutely will replace your damaged cover. We noticed that you placed another order, which is in production at the moment, so we will be adding a replacement cover to that order.
  10. Joshua McIntyre
    Very good overall, pay attention to details
    Overall, it looks great. The padded cover is nicely done. The inside certificate is also well done. There were two downsides. One was my oversight in the size; there is a top-down opening style and it is 8.5" x 11" which is the one I ordered but didn't realize the size; the other option is 6" x 8" which is the size I wanted but it opens side-to-side, which I didn't want but would have chosen if I had realized the size difference. All I paid attention to was that I wanted the top-down opening but skipped the size detail thinking that they were both the same size and that the opening style was the only difference. The other downside was the school name on the inside certificate. Because I used a shorter name ("Homeschool"), I added a few spaces on either side so that the school name would curve like it does with longer names; but when it arrived, the name was straight instead of curved. It wasn't a big enough issue for us to get a replacement, but just a little disappointing. --------------------RESPONSE FROM HOMESCHOOLDIPLOMA.COM:------------------------------- Joshua, thank you for your review and I'm sorry the diploma wasn't as you were expecting. We are going to remake the order for you with the 6x8 size and make sure that the word "Homeschool" is arched across the top rather than being straight. Our system automatically removes extra spaces because people often enter double spaces accidentally - that's why the finished product you received was different from what you saw online.
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