About Us

We exist to elevate graduation for home and private schools! Whether you’re a family, a homeschool organization, or a private school, we are your source for beautiful high-quality graduation products. Graduation is such an incredible milestone for you and we hope to inspire and equip you to celebrate with dignity and joy!

Committed to Excellence

We began humbly at the kitchen table of a passionate homeschool mom who loved calligraphy and created a diploma to reflect the excellence of a homeschool education. From there we have grown. We still love our personal touch for every customer, but our numbers exceeded the kitchen table long ago. Since our founding in 2002 we’ve helped elevate graduation for hundreds of thousands of home and private schools nationwide.

We are passionate about homeschool families and alternative education. We believe in homeschooling and know our future leaders are among the graduates. We are blessed to serve such an important moment in so many lives!

Our Core Values

More than Profit

Our actual mission is, “Elevate Homeschool Graduations”– not, “make money”. Profit is necessary, but it is not the mission. Profit is fuel for the mission (and it is good to have a lot of fuel) but we are trying to do much more than simply “the minimum amount of work needed to make as much money as possible”.


Serving people with excellence is a form of love. Shoddy work is a failure of love. We value excellence because we want to spread joy and love, not cynicism and regret.


We delight in generously giving more than required or expected.

Human Dignity

We believe people have intrinsic dignity as humans, and should always be treated with great respect. Our belief in human dignity drives our desire to equip our customers to celebrate this milestone in a meaningful way.

Individual Growth

The only way we grow as a company is by growing as individuals. We’re always pushing ourselves to develop new skills and strengths in the service of our mission.


Whether it is a simple idea of how a workstation can operate more efficiently, or a crazy new invention, we want to all be always thinking of new and better ways to pursue our mission.

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Honor your child’s achievement with a beautiful, custom certificate – available for Foundations, Essentials, and Challenge A-IV.