A Custom Graduate Package in 3 Easy Steps:

1. You Design

You create a custom package for your Seniors to order. Define a matching look for everyone, or leave room for personal choice! Your package can include any combination of:

  • Diplomas and Covers
  • Caps & Gowns
  • Tassels, Stoles, and Cords
  • Grad Announcements

2. Familes Order

Using a link you send them, your Seniors order the package you’ve designed. They’ll get great discounts based on the timing of their order and the size of your group. (They’ll pay us directly so you don’t have to collect money!)

As families place their orders, you’ll be able to see who has ordered, for organization and peace of mind.

3. We Deliver

We fulfill the orders as they’re placed, shipping directly to your families. And here’s the best part: if there are any issues (for example, a gown doesn’t fit right), we take care of them directly! You can focus on other priorities knowing every one of your Seniors will have what they need for the big day.

closeup of engraved diploma seal

Handcrafted Quality,
Individual Choice.

Honor your Seniors with our highly-rated products! Beautiful regalia, distinguished announcements, and family-customized diplomas can all be included (required or optional) in your Custom Graduate Package.

For each item, you can specify colors and options for a uniform look on stage, or leave room for individual expression.

Direct Ordering -
with our Best Discounts!

Once you’ve designed your Custom Graduate Package, your families will order directly from us via a link you send them. They’ll be able to customize their package within the parameters you’ve set, and they’ll receive great discounts based on the size of your group and the timing of their order!

discount schedule for Custom Graduate Package

Quick Fulfillment and Personal Care

As your families order, we’ll quickly create their package and ship directly to them. You’ll be able
to focus on your celebration while we facilitate:

  • Payments for family orders, including optional upgrades
  • Customer Service on issues like gown sizing, order tracking, etc.
  • Special Requests for items not included in your Custom Package
  • Timely Delivery of orders – even for latecomers
  • Ensuring every student has what they need for the big day!

Need Assistance?

We are standing by to assist with world-class support!

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