Reorder or Replace Products You've Purchased from Us


1. We Can Replace Your Document

If you have purchased a document FROM US and it is lost or ruined, we do offer a replacement (without the cover).

We will NOT sell you a replacement unless you have purchased your original from us. You can avoid needing a replacement by purchasing an "archive copy" at the time you place your order.



2. We Can Send Additional Announcements

Did you find that you ordered too few of the announcements we printed for you? Yes, we have your order on file and can print more!

Unfortunately, starting with a new 'press run' means that they will cost more than if you'd ordered the full amount to start with, but if you are having us do an EXACT reprint, we offer a 20% discount because we do NOT have to do any editing or layout.


Here's how to order:

  1. Use the same order form as your original order. If it has a crest design, be sure to select the same one you chose on the original order.

  2. Instead of giving us your text, Use an "X" in every text box on the order form. This tells us that we will be using the text from your previous order. 

  3. When checking out, write us a note giving the PREVIOUS ORDER NUMBER, tell us that this order should be identical to the first, and ask us to subtract the 20% discount.

  4. If you pay online, we'll do a refund of 20% (shipping is not discounted). If you call in your payment or give permission to bill your credit card again, we'll deduct the 20% before billing

  5. We can usually cut 1 - 2 days off your REORDER, so the production time would be 3 - 4 days instead of 5.

  6. Yes, we can RUSH a reorder if you request it. (Unless your original order is for Distinctive Announcements - no RUSH is offered on that style.)

  7. Please note that the reorder is subject to the same restrictions as the original order for the minimum quantity.