Replace a Document You Ordered From Us


If you did not order your original document from us, we cannot sell you a replacement. 

This product is a "Replacement" without a cover, based on a previous order that was placed with us.

  • The replacement is offered if you've lost or damaged the original, or because you gave us incorrect information on the original.
  • No diploma cover is included. If you DO need a diploma cover with the replacement, don't use this form: just make a re-order.

1 Information About Original Order


Unfortunately, we can't provide replacements for orders prior to 2010.
If you need a replacement for an order prior to that year, we suggest that you place a new order and ask us to remove and refund the diploma cover.

Please give the order number for the original diploma you would like a replacement for. If you don't have this information, give us the month and year that the original diploma was ordered
from us, and the name of the person that placed the order so that we can locate it.


    (Current price of product with selected options: $9.050000)

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