Tips for Ordering Graduation Announcements

When Should I Order the Announcements?

We suggest that you order five to six weeks ahead of the graduation date. This will allow you ample time to address the envelopes, and it also give you a “grace period” so that if something happens to go wrong with the order, you can still get them out on time without sweating over it! 

But… we are very speedy! If you’re running behind, don’t worry – we can get your announcement order to you in as few as three business days.

When Should I Send Out the Announcements?

If the announcement is being sent as an invitation to the ceremony and/or a graduation party, the recipient should have them at least 14 days before the event. Three weeks ahead of the ceremony is ideal, and four weeks is fine, especially if people from out of town are being invited who need to plan ahead. Unlike a wedding, it’s not recommended that you mail graduation announcements more than 4 weeks in advance.

If the card is just being used to announce the accomplishment of graduation, it is proper to send it up to two or three weeks after the ceremony. 

To Whom Should I Send Graduation Announcements?

If you’re sending an invitation to a ceremony or celebration, don’t limit your list to those that are close enough to come. Family and friends who are far away appreciate being remembered. Your Christmas card list is a good place to start — cross off non-family members that you no longer have contact with beyond the Christmas card, and then add in those people that have been important to your student’s education. Don’t forget music teachers, coaches, and special friends.

If you’re unable to actually “invite” everyone to the event, consider using “announcement” wording on the card (don’t include time and address details or “you’re invited” language). Then you can include a separate insert card just for those that are being invited.

What Should the Announcement Say?

Check out our many sample wordings, suggested verses and mottos, and tips on grammar and etiquette. We also proofread every announcement we sell, to give you an extra set of eyes.

How Many Announcements Should I Purchase?

A million! Just kidding, but here are a few things to keep in mind: (1) Round up to avoid the expense of reprinting, in case you add a few people to your list; (2) Don’t forget to order a few to keep for yourself or your grad!

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