Black Matte Cap & Gown Set, With or Without Tassel $29.99


Tip: Measure height with shoes on.

Do you need a plus sized gown?

We recommend the "Plus Size" gowns in 2 situations: (1) If you are over the weight on the chart, or (2) even if your weight is within range, if you have very broad/muscular shoulders or if your bust, waist or hips measure more than 52". Click Here for more help with sizing.

Your graduation photos will look great with the "Matte" fabric! This gown is very opaque., and the material inside the cap is a stiff plastic instead of cardboard..

Tassels are shown below with the 2-digit year-date charm for the current academic year. Other charm options are offered.


Black and Gold

Black and Bright Green
*Black and Bright Green
*Black and Orange
*Black and Purple

Black and Red

*Black and Red
Black, Red and Gold
*Black, Red and White
*Black and Rose

*Black and Royal

*Black and Sky Blue
*Black and Silver
*Black and Turquoise
*Black and White
*Bright Green
Dark Green

Dark Green and Gold

*Dark Green and Silver
*Dark Green and White
Gold and White
Light Blue


Maroon and Gold
*Maroon and Silver
*Maroon and White
*Maroon, Navy & Silver


Navy and Gold
*Navy, Red and White
*Navy and Silver
*Navy and White


Purple and Gold
*Purple and Silver
*Purple and White


Red and Gold
*Red and Silver
*Red and White

*Rose and White

Royal and Gold
*Royal and Red

Royal, Red and White

*Royal and Silver
Royal and White
*Royal and White


Turquoise (Peacock)
*Turquoise and White



Fabric & Care of Your Graduation Apparel


You can get the majority of the wrinkles out of your gown by putting it in the dryer on the lowest heat setting and putting a damp towel in with it. Run it for about 15 minutes. (Don't OVER dry, or it will be full of static!) This will remove most of the wrinkles. If it needs to be ironed, use the lowest heat setting on your iron (usually called "synthetics" or "polyester"). Test a small area first inside a seam to be sure that the iron is not too hot; an iron that is too hot will melt the fabric. We have had best results by ironing from the inside of the gown.


The apparel is 100% polyester fabric. Polyester is a completely washable fabric, and the seams are overcast (serged) to help prevent raveling. We recommend that you hand wash in cool water and hang to dry.

The gown for nicely and seems to be of good quality. The cap was made cheaply. There was hot glue on the underneath where the top was put on. The part that goes around the head seemed to be really long. It was wobbly once it was put on.

Crystal, thank you for your feedback and I'm sorry for the trouble with the cap. We have been trying to contact you to resolve the issue but haven't been able to reach you. Could you call us at 877-466-2563 or email Thank you and again, sorry for the issue with the cap!
Had a large size, which my daughter's university didn't offer. Came quickly, good quality. I ordered my kids' high school gowns years ago from here, and I've always been pleased with the quality. Now my baby is graduating from college. *sniff
Couldn't be more pleased with quality. I think the gown runs a little large, but this gives room for my son to grow over the next seven months until graduation.
I ordered a cap and gown set with a tassel, and a diploma for my daughter. Everything came very quickly. The cap and gown is excellent quality and the diploma is outstanding! Better than I expected! I will definitely purchase from this company again in the future!!
Fabric is good
Quality but it is extremely
Big and the cap is huge on my daughters head (and she does not have a small head) and the front point comes way down on her face. So disappointed. Does not fit at all!!!

Response from Homeschool Diploma: Michele, thank you for your feedback. Please contact us at 877-466-2563, we would love to resolve this for you. We haven't been able to identify your order based on the name you provided.
Excellent quality. We've ordered three times and have always been pleased with the cap and gown set.
I like the matte gowns. They look classy. The sizes are on the money and there is room. You must remember to measure with the shoes that the student will be wearing for the proper length. I've used these gowns for many years.
Accurate size description. Premium quality. You are getting what you pay for. Thick, durable material. Sturdy cap. Really good purchase.
We ordered four of these for our Homeschool graduation. The order arrived very quickly, and I'd exactly as described. Gowns and hats are great quality!
I taught in the public school system for over 20 years-high school. This product is superior to the rags our seniors were forced to purchase from Balfour. Excellent quality. Hat is sturdy. Ordering was extremely easy and came quickly. I had to add on to my order-via email. Their response was quick and efficient. Would not hesitate to order from them again.
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