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Calculate price by combining the student's quanties, then add $6 per student for personalization.

This card is also offered in Navy

The image shown at left will change as you select your foil color and crest!


  • This item is designed for a group of graduates. All cards must be identical except for the student names on the front. All of the text areas are the same for every card on the order, but each student's cards are printed with their own name on the front. The announcement quantities for each graduate must be ordered in multiples of ten. The price is calculated by using the quantity for the entire, combined order, and then adding $6 for each individual student's personalization.
  • We have a page of suggested texts, or you may write your own. Choose a lettering style for the text.
  • The front may be printed with one of our 5 crest designs. The graduate's name is printed on the front in the font style shown on the sample. The name is justified with the right-hand margin of the card.
  • If your total order quantitiy is over 250, we will be sending you a complimentary proof. This could add some time to your order if you are not prompt about responding, so be sure to watch for it!
  • An area is available on the left inside panel for a Bible verse or Motto. The order form offers this option. The charge to have this area of additional text printed is 10 cents per card if you select one of our standard verses or mottos, and 15 cents per card if you provide your own custom text.
  • If you'd like to add corner copy, that option is offered on the tab, above. Corner copy is limited to 34 letters & spaces.


  • This card is a very heavy, single thickness 80# card stock with one score line. It must be folded once (in half) before inserting into the envelope.
  • Bright White inner and outer envelopes are included.
  • Gold-lined and Silver-lined inner envelopes are available as an option - see the "More" tab above.

How the Multiple-Student Pricing Works:

  • Let's say a group of 3 graduates will be ordering together. They must agree on the same paper color, foil color, design for the front, font style, and optional verse or motto for the left inside panel. They must write a text for the inside that will be the same for all of them except for the line with the student's name, which will be personalized on each card.
  • Each student must decide how many cards they want, in multiples of ten. Let's say that two of the students in the group each want 30 cards and one student wants to get 40.
  • The cost of the announcement is determined by the chart above; They are getting a total of 100, so the announcement cost is $135.00, PLUS $6 per graduate for the personalization, a total of $153.00. This means they will be paying $1.53 each for their announcements. This is substantially less than what they would pay if each one ordered individually.
  • (Note: our shopping cart does not allow for multiple payment methods on a single order, so the whole order must be placed and paid for by one person.)

Our Service:

We proofread your text and make changes or suggestions based on the level of editing you would like. Let us know which of the three levels you are comfortable with. (There are more details on this page.)

- - Level 1 - Basic: We check day/date agreement, we check spelling (except for proper nouns), and we  correct any obvious usage errors. (For example, if you give us "Your invited..." we would change it to "You're invited...")

- - Level 2: Enhanced: In addition to the above, we change the punctuation and capitalization to conform with the best standards for social announcement texts. We also write out any abbreviations where space allows.

- - Level 3: Comprehensive: In addition to all of the above, we proofread for grammar errors (first person / third person agreement, for example) and correct the format of the day, date and time so that they are consistent. We adjust line-breaks so that the text reads more naturally, and if substantial changes are made, we email the customer a copy of the text for approval. This level of editing requires an additional day and adds $.10.



The $6 charge here is for personalization. Provide a student name and their quantity, then add to the cart. Repeat for each student. Be sure the student's totals add up to the total you ordered on the announcement!
Please be sure that the individual student quantities add up to the total number of announcements you ordered from the order form above.
Ordering a proof means that we'll email you a .pdf image after typesetting. This allows you to see your final text in the font you selected. (We "proofread" your text regardless of whether or not you order a proof!) This adds 2 days to your order.

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See the (?) at left for details
See the (?) at left for details and then check the box to indicate that you understand how this order form works!
See the (?) to view the standard verse/motto choices. If you choose not to add any text here, the section of the card shown with the sample verse will be blank.
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Quantity 30+ 40+ 50+ 60+ 70+ 80+ 90+ 100+ 150+ 200+ 300+
Price $2.67 $2.27 $1.97 $1.85 $1.75 $1.65 $1.55 $1.45 $1.35 $1.25 $1.15

Minimum quantity for "Black Elegant 'Senior' Card - Multiple Student Order Form" is 20.

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