Comparison of Our Cap & Gown Styles


  • Choose Tribute for the most comfortable fabric - it is soft, has a shiny finish, and drapes nicely.
  • Choose Matte if you would like maximum opacity and you don't mind extra weight.


"Tribute" Apparel

"Matte" Apparel

Tribute Cap & Gown Sets: Stocked in 8 colors and 11 sizes

Our Tribute gowns have a shiny finish. They are  made from a satiny tricot knit fabric, which makes them comfortable to wear. The knit is a substantial fabric; it's not overly stretchy, but the weight makes it drape very nicely.

We're excited to offer the Tribute as a new line for the 2017 school year!  The manufacturer is the same factory that has been sewing our Matte gowns for the past 7 years, with excellent results.


Matte Cap & Gown Sets: Stocked in 8 colors and 11 sizes

Our Matte graduation gowns are made of a heavy 100% woven polyester fabric with a non-shiny finish.  The fabric is very opaque. Matte fabric gowns have been gaining in popularity because they look so good in flash photos.

We began carrying the matte apparel in 2010 as a result of requests, and the feedback from our customers on this gown has been fantastic!

  • Both fabrics are heavy, 100% polyester

  • Both are very opaque, with the exception of white*

  • The sizing and cut for both fabric styles are identical. The size of the gown equals the length in inches from the back neck to the bottom edge.

  • Both have color-matched nylon zipper with metal pull

  • Both have overcast seam allowances and a double-thickness yoke

  • Bottom of gowns and edges of sleeves have a 1/4" rolled hem

  • Both items have a stiff, hard plastic board inside the top of the cap.
  • Matte gowns are woven, whereas the Tribute gowns are a knit fabric.

  • The feel of the fabrics is very different. Matte is a firm and slightly stiff fabric, whereas the Tribute is softer and more supple.

  • Matte gowns are slightly heavier in terms of actual weight. For example, a size 51 cap & gown set weighs 1 lb. 1 oz. in the Matte style and exactly 1 lb. in the Tribute style.



* White gowns have some show-through, unlike the other colors. We recommend wearing light-colored clothing beneath the white gowns, regardless of which fabric you choose.