Double Honor Cords, Solid Colors


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Double Honor Cords are available in Gold, White and Silver-Grey. They have 4 large tassels, 2 on each cord.

  • We carry Gold, White and Silver-Grey in double sets

  • They measure 32" from the center of the cord to the end of the tassel.

Quality cords. Hang nicely. Students like them.
Great quality; heavy cord; beautiful color
Very thick and looks nice!
Top quality product. Heavy, silky, double cords are very noticeable on the gowns. The cords are wound tightly and stay that way and the knots are secure. The tassels at the ends are tangle free. I purchase these honor cords every year for our homeschool graduation and for the honor society. Even better, the price has not increased in the four years that I've been making these purchases.
We've been using these cords and Homeschool Diplomas for five years now. All products are top quality and lend a sense of dignity to our graduation. Many families and friends see the diplomas and cords and comment they are nicer than they had. Thank you!
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