Die for Diploma Covers with Custom Artwork


Die creation will add 5 business days to the production time on your first order. We keep the die on file so that future orders ship in 1 - 3 business days.

  • This is a one-time charge to create the metal die used to foil stamp your diploma covers
  • Add this item to your shopping cart if you are purchasing covers with a custom logo or graphic, but have never ordered them from us before.
  • Please see the detailed instructions about submitting your artwork to us.
  • Not sure if your artwork file will be usable? Upload your artwork at our submission form and we'll let you know if it will work for a die.
  • By uploading the artwork file, you agree that you are the owner of this artwork and that you consent and authorize Cornerstone Graduate Supply, Inc. to reproduce the work, and that you indemnify, defend and hold Cornerstone Graduate Supply, Inc harmless from any suit, claim or demand arising from the reproduction of the work.
  • The die charge does not fully cover the cost of the die or the labor required to customize it to be used with our equipment. Because of this, the die charge is for the provision of a service, and payment of the die charge does not give the customer ownership of the die itself
We must have your art in a specific format for use as a die. See the (?) at left for details.
Check the box if you are the copyright owner of the artwork and agree to the terms of sale stated in the "(?)" at left.
Max. upload size 3 MB

Options for Your Personalized Diploma Covers Options for Your Personalized Diploma Covers