The Gilded Diploma



The Gilded Diploma for High School has 23 karat gold on the initial letter and on the seal. It is the most stunning diploma we offer and is hand-illuminated!




Customize your 8.5" x 11" Gilded Diploma Now!




The Gilded Diploma

Add enduring beauty to your diploma with hand-illuminated 23-kt gold on the seal and the initial letter of your school name. The Gilded Diploma offers all the customization options of the Personalized Diploma, plus the beautiful gold illumination.



The Gilded Diploma has real gold on it, and includes a cover with gold satin corner ribbons.





4 Customizable Wordings

Express the unique significance of your student's education with one of our four customizable wording options. Then add a verse or motto that's meaningful to your student!





Meaning in Every Detail

Further personalize the diploma with custom signature lines, an honors seal, or optional hand calligraphy for the student's name.



The Gilded Diploma offers two seal options.






Close-up image of the 23kt gold, which is hand-applied to the seal and the initial letter of the school name.





23-karat Gold Illumination

Developed in medieval times, Gilding is an art that requires specialized tools and a steady hand. We apply 23.5 karat gold by hand to the seal and the first letter of the school name.




Customer Reviews

Here is what people are saying about our Gilded Diplomas!
"This was our second year to utilize your services and we could not be happier with the attention to detail!" - Dale Skrnich


"The diploma arrived on time and was even better than expected! Extremely satisfied!" - Joanne LaRow


"Love this elegant and professional diploma and look forward to using your company again!" - Kristy Michaels