Printable High School Diploma for Homeschools


Printable High School Diploma for Homeschools

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Create a masterpiece as unique as your fingerprint! Read more…
We’ll email you a set of printable files within 1 business day.

  • This 'Printable Diploma' is a set of customized digital files that you can print yourself. For a beautiful, professionally-printed diploma with a padded cover, check out our flagship Personalized High School Diploma.

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    Let Us Print It For You!

    Upgrade to a printed diploma for a gorgeous, handmade document that elevates your graduate! Our professional printing process, high-quality papers and beautiful 3-dimensional seals help reflect the true value of your Senior's achievement.

    Every printed diploma includes a beautiful, customizable padded cover. Enhance the presentation with artisan touches like hand calligraphy and 23kt gilding, or add a wallet-sized or archive copy of the diploma for a lasting keepsake.

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Honor Your Student’s Unique Journey

A remarkable education deserves a distinguished finish. From diverse wording options to  tailored seal designs and bible verse options, the Printable High School Diploma for Homeschools is an official document to elevate your graduate.

  • The printable files are emailed to you within 1 business day
  • Includes 3 versions of your diploma:
    • Full Color for printing with a parchment look on white paper
    • Color Seal for printing on cream or parchment paper
    • Black & White in case you don’t have a good color printer or prefer the black/white look.
  • Reflects your values with hundreds of design and wording options
  • Choose a Bible verse or quote from our 70+ suggestions, or enter your own
  • An official High School Diploma accepted by colleges, military, and employers

Frequently-Asked Questions

Can I edit the files you send me?
No, the files we send are complete and ready for printing, and aren’t meant to be edited. We customize the files to match the preview you see while ordering. Our experienced staff may make adjustments for visual balance and/or to correct typos, then the files are emailed to you in a ready-to-print format.

What kind of printer is best for printing the diploma?
We recommend using a laser printer, but inkjet printers can produce a good-quality product too. Try the printer you have, and try adjusting the “print quality” setting, if you have one. If you aren’t having good luck with your printer, your local print shop, office supply store, or drug store may have the equipment to create a better finished product.

What kind of paper should I use for printing the diploma?
Any letter-sized (8.5×11) cardstock will work; many office supply stores carry a “Resume Paper” that fits the bill. Look for “65lb Cover” or heavier, in White/Cream/Ivory/etc. Note that highly textured papers may affect the quality of the printing; smoother is usually better.

Why do you send three printable files?
To give you the most flexibility in printing your document, we include 3 versions of the diploma.

  • Version 1 is a full-color document that will create a parchment look on white paper. Depending on your printer, the parchment background may not print all the way to the edge of your paper. You can trim the unprinted edges off, or leave them intact for a subtle border.
  • Version 2 has black text and a colored seal, and works well if you have a good color printer and like the look/color of your paper. This creates a very nice finished product but is printer- and paper-dependent.
  • Version 3 is black-and-white only. Use this version if you don’t have a color printer, or can’t get good results from it (the quality of printers varies widely, especially when it comes to color). Or you may just prefer the look of the black & white diploma!

This product is a set of digital files that you can print yourself. We also offer beautiful, professionally-printed diplomas that include a padded cover.


4 reviews
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4 reviews for Printable High School Diploma for Homeschools

  1. Mandy
    Great option for Homeschoolers
    I was very pleased with the look of the diploma and the options that the site gave. The email delivery was fast and I love that we had three different hues/colors to print out. My daughter was very happy with it. I would recommend this to other Homeschoolers.
  2. Wendy
    Homeschool Must Visit
    This is the best seller, and all home school parents should visit this website.
  3. SC
    Easy to personalize with multiple options. Elegantly designed, perfect for my homeschool
  4. Lara Brink
    The process was easy and the diploma was beautiful. Fair price and great service. Highly recommend!
    Excellent all around!
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