Honor the Journey - Group Ordering makes it easy Honor the Journey - Group Ordering makes it easy


Sorry, the deadline for setting up group ordering has passed.

You can still order all the same products through our website, but we're no longer setting up custom ordering portals for Spring 2022 graduations.

Here's How Group Ordering Works:

You Define

your custom look from our distinguished selection. We’ll then create a web portal where each family can get everything they need!
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Families Order

and get great discounts based on your group's size and the timing of their order! You’ll be able to see who’s ordered, for peace of mind.
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We Create

and ship the orders directly to your families. We handle the details so you can focus elsewhere!
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A Perfect Balance of Fixed and Flexible.

You’ll define the items your grads will order - giving you the uniformity you want. But you’ll also be able to give them flexibility to express their unique journey! Choose from:


Diplomas and Covers

Each family will create a diploma to reflect the unique values of their homeschool! If you’d like a consistent look on stage, you can specify design elements for the diploma cover.



Choose the tassel color and charm for group continuity, or let your graduates choose their favorite color from 60 choices and 7 “Year Date” charms.


Caps and Gowns

Define your look from 16 options - we offer 2 fabric choices and 8 colors. You can even allow families to reuse gowns from previous years, or express their school spirit through individual color choice.



Share the milestone! Design a customized announcement for your ceremony, with wiggle room for each family to choose a favorite verse or motto, a crest, and choice of color scheme.

Easy Ordering for Families

Once we’ve created your custom portal, the fun begins for your students! They’ll be able to customize their order within the parameters you’ve set, and you’ll be able to see who has completed the process.

Families will receive discounts based on the size of your group and the timing of their order.

Diploma Cover with 'Excellence in Homeschooling' Seal stamped in gold foil

We'll Handle the Details!

As your families order, we’ll quickly create the items and ship directly to them. You’ll be able to focus on your celebration while we facilitate:

- Payments for family orders, including optional upgrades

- Customer Service on issues like gown sizing, product questions, etc.

- Special Requests for items not defined in your portal

- Timely Delivery of orders - even for latecomers

- Ensuring every student has what they need for the big day!

Prepared to Serve any Size.

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Whether you're planning a small celebration for local friends or a statewide ceremony with hundreds of graduates, we've got the expertise to help! We proudly partner with hundreds of groups every year to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Diploma Cover with 'Excellence in Homeschooling' Seal stamped in gold foil

Insights to Light the Way.

Planning a homeschool graduation can be a daunting task! We’ve created the Homeschool Graduation Guide, a free downloadable E-Book, to help. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the many choices and tasks involved, this guide will help you get the clarity you need to push forward!

You can download the E-Book here - it’s completely free!

Seeing is Believing!

The beauty and quality of our products can’t be fully described with words or even pictures. Our Sample Kit is the perfect way to see the value of your investment with us!

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