"Honor Graduate" Medallion & Neck Ribbon

  • Large, 2 1/2" diameter medal with book and torch design, which stands out in high relief.

  • Inclues a neck ribbon and black velvet drawstring bag. This item is not engraved; see this order form if you'd like the medal engraved.

  • Choose white, metallic gold, academic gold or red/white/blue for the neck ribbon color. (Image shows the metallic gold.)

  • See the order form for the specific sizes of the neck ribbons. The red, white and blue ribbon is 1½" x 36", long enough to fit over the head of someone wearing a graduation cap!

  • Metallic gold ribbon more of a "yellow" color and is woven with metallic threads for a sparkly effect, and is a good match for the gold satin honor stole or gold honor cords. The academic gold is more of an "orange" color. See the gallery of images for detailed photos!


Very pleased with the weight, feel and look of this.
This was such a nice touch to her cap and gown. She felt very honored and wore it the whole day, even after taking off her cap and gown.
Very nice quality for a very special milestone.
Kirsten was excited to receive an accomplishment medal for her hard and diligent work. She was excited. I'll never forget her facial expression.
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metallic gold academic gold white red, white & blue

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