Our 4 "Most Popular" Texts: Vertical Layout

In a hurry? We offer order forms that use our 4 most popular texts. On most of our cards, the production time is one day quicker with the 'popular text' order forms. See the description for the card you are purchasing to determine if the popular texts will save you time. (Be sure to view the restrictions at the bottom of this page to tell if you can use a popular text with the information you need to present.)

The highlighted areas below are replaced with your own information


When NOT to choose an order form for our "most popular texts"

• If you are inviting guests to an event other than an open house, commencement exercises, Mass and celebration, graduation ceremony, "ceremony and celebration," or celebration, use the regular order form.
• If you need room to list two different times (for example, ceremony at one time and a later event at another time), use the regular order form.
• If you are NOT holding an event and need an announcement with NO date, time or venue information, use the regular order form.