Basic Graduate Package


Basic Graduate Package


Includes Diploma and Cover, Cap and Gown, and Tassel. Read more…
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    Honors Seal (+$2.99)
    Diploma Paper
    City & State or Motto
    Diploma Wording

    Wording Details:

    Wording Detail

    Verse or Motto

    Your Custom Verse or Motto:

    Signature Titles

    Optional Wallet Diploma

    Optional PDF Copy

    Optional Archive Copy

    Diploma Cover Color
    Foil-Stamped Design
    Diploma and Cover Size

    Fabric Finish

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Celebrate your Senior

Elevate your graduation -and save – with the Basic Graduate Package! A perfectly customized diploma in a beautiful padded cover combines with a quality cap, gown, and tassel to deliver the essential items for your celebration.

The Basic Graduate Package includes:

  • Our flagship Personalized Diploma – with hundreds of options for the perfect customization. High School and Junior High wordings available.
  • A beautiful padded Diploma Cover with the color, size, and foil-embossed design of your choice.
  • A quality made-in-the-USA cap and gown; choose from 8 colors and 2 fabric finishes.
  • A graduation tassel with the color and date charm of your choice (choose from over 270 combinations).
Diploma Options
Basic Info

  • Student Name
  • High School Name
  • Graduation Date

Visual Elements

  • Seal
  • Honors Seal
  • Paper Type
  • 23kt Gilding
  • Hand Calligraphy

Wording Options

  • City and State or Motto
  • Diploma Verbiage
  • Verse/Motto
  • Signature Titles
Cover/Folder Options
  • Size (8.5×11 or 6×8)
  • Color (Black, Navy, Royal, Green, Red, Maroon or Purple)
  • Foil-Stamped front Design (9 options including personalization)
  • Personalize with Graduate’s name
Add-On Options
  • Wallet Diploma – a credit-card-sized version of the main document
  • Archive Copy – a duplicate document for long-term storage
  • PDF Copy – a digital version for quick reference
Cap and Gown Options
  • Fabric Finish (Matte or Shiny)
  • Color (Black, Navy, Royal, Red, Green, Maroon, Purple, or White)
  • Size – choose from 8 regular sizes and 3 plus sizes
Tassel Options
  • Cording and band colors – choose from 68 beautiful options
  • Year charm style – choose from 2-digit, 4-digit, stacked and bling designs

What Makes A High School Diploma Valid for Homeschoolers?

A diploma should include the name of the school, the name of the graduate, and the date presented. It should also specify that the student has met the requirements to receive the diploma. Lastly, it needs to be signed by the administrator(s) of the school – the signatures authenticate the claims made on the diploma.

But a diploma can be so much more than a simple acknowledgment! You’ve invested so much time, energy, and heart into homeschooling your child, and they in turn have invested countless hours of effort and learning. The High School diploma represents that investment, and reflects the individuality of your student and the unique values of your family! That’s why we’ve developed so many design and wording choices for the diploma – we believe it should be an official document as unique as your fingerprint.



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