2023 Custom Graduate Package


2023 Custom Graduate Package


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    This Package was for the Class of 2023, and it's been disabled.

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    Diplomas and Covers

    Every graduate is unique, so our diplomas are too! Each family designs their own diploma, but you can specify the size, color, and design of the cover for a uniform look onstage.

    Include Diplomas and/or Covers in the Package?
    (diploma + cover = $31.99; cover only = $19.99)

    For the Diplomas:

    Enter your Class Verse or Motto

    For the Diplomas Covers:

    Select a Color for the Diploma Cover

    Select a Design

    Diploma and Cover Size

    Caps and Gowns

    Let each family choose from our 16 color options, or pick one color for everyone. You can even specify one color for boys and another for girls! Our quality Caps and Gowns are made in the U.S.A.

    Include Caps and Gowns in the Package?

    Please note, we have a new cap & gown supplier for 2023, to bring you a USA-made product and to disconnect our supply chain from China. Regalia purchased in previous years may not match the colors of the new product. Here is more information about this change.

    Fabric Color for Boys

    Fabric Color for Girls


    The tassel has been a graduation essential for many years! Specify a matching tassel for everyone, or let each graduate choose from our selection of over 60 colors and 4 charm styles Our high-quality tassels are made in the USA.

    Include Tassels in the Package?

    Other Regalia Items

    If you'd like to your graduates to wear specific honor cords or stoles, you can add them to the package. Each item can be optional or required in a specific quantity.

    Include Other Regalia Items in the Package?

    Custom Announcements

    Help your grads share their joy with an announcement created just for them! Families will enjoy a substantial discount on the card you design, and you can even let them tailor the design with their favorite bible verse, crest, or card colors.

    Create a Custom Announcement to Offer to Your Graduates?

    Select a Font Style for the inside wording:

    Your Custom Announcement Wording

    It's easy to create a message tailor-made for your graduates! Just paste one of our wording suggestions into the box below and edit to your heart's content! (Remember: this text will be the same for everyone, so avoid using individual names or gendered pronouns here - it needs to work for everyone.)

    Need help? Our experienced staff can proofread your text and offer suggestions. Get in touch any time!

    To get your package ready to share, we'll just need a bit of info from you.

    How many Graduates are in your group?

    After you've completed your package setup, please contact us so we can give your group members an additional discount!
    Your welcome message for your Families:

    When you're ready, click "Save Package" and follow the prompts. You will be able to make changes later if needed, so don't worry if you still have some unknowns!

    PLEASE NOTE: This package was for the class of 2023 and can no longer be ordered, but you can view the items and options that were available.

    Welcome, graduates, and congratulations on your achievement! This page will walk you through ordering the items specified for your group:

    {{{Group Name}}}

    Before you begin, here's a message from your group leadership about ordering:


    To get started, tell us a bit about the graduate.

    Your group package includes a diploma cover; you may also purchase a diploma. Our beautiful, professionally-printed diplomas are highly customizable to reflect the unique values of your school and the individuality of your graduate!

    Oops! It looks like you've entered the name of your curriculum or support group. The school name on your diploma should be unique to your homeschool. Check out our article, Naming Your Home School, for more info.

    Center Seal
    Honors Seal (+$2.99)
    Diploma Paper
    City & State or Motto
    Diploma Wording

    Wording Details:

    Wording Detail

    Verse or Motto

    Verse or Motto

    Your Custom Verse or Motto:

    Signature Titles